Macabees tour

A great family oriented tour for adults and children! This tour in the footsteps of the Maccabees includes lots of movement, stories, action, and Tanach. Have you ever imagined what it would be like to walk the hills where Matisyahu raised his five sons? To see the landscape the Chashmonaim saw as they planned their incredible revolt? This tour is a great family oriented tour for adults and children. Hear the stories of Tanach and Jewish history as they come to life!

What we’ll see:

• Just outside of Jerusalem we’ll visit the Kever of Shmuel HaNavi. In addition to having time to daven at the Kever, we will have a magnificent view of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

• Travel to Beit Choron where we’ll see the ancient pass that was the site of one of the most spectacular Maccabee victories, as well as a battle site from the overlooking hills.

• Visit the area of Modi’in – The humble village where Matisyahu and his sons first stood up to the Syrian Greeks setting off the war that led to the liberation of the Temple.

This is USUALLY a winter tour. Click here for more information and to contact us.

Tour info:

Time: 9am to 5:30pm

Fee: $99 or $110 for a combination tour with Bar Kochba Hideouts. (Minimum of 17 participants to include some entrance fees.)

What to Bring: A packed lunch, hat and plenty of water.

You can call the office in Israel on 718-701-3690 or 02-587-1718 to book  (if it is less than 15 hours before the tour: 0522-40-90-30).

 Contact us here to book this tour!