Dead Sea Tour with Masada and Ein Gedi

Just half an hour from Jerusalem another world awaits you! An awe inspiring drive through the Judean Desert brings us to the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth! We will spend a day exploring the best of what this region has to offer. Here’s what our Dead Sea Tour includes:

Day Tour of Ein Gedi

• Walk where Dovid Hamelech hid from Shaul and cut the corner of his cloak when he wasn’t looking

• See many animals and plants mentioned in the Tanach and the writings of Chazal.

• Hike along the Nachal David with pools and waterfalls to cool off in along the way

• Learn about the Jewish communities that lived here throughout history. Hear how they produced products that were prized around the world such as dates, bitumen, henna, spices and perfumes. Learn of the mystery of the famous Afarsimon oil that was worth much more than its weight in gold!

Tour of Masada

• Enjoy the breathtaking view of the area as you take the cable car up to Masada

• Explore the amazing fortress that King Herod built for himself in the middle of the desert.

• See the elaborate architecture of the Palaces, cisterns and bathhouse.

•Learn about how the rebels used Herod’s fortress to continue the rebellion for years after the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh in 70 CE

• Walk in the homes and synagogue built by the rebels. See the Mikvahs they added to Herod’s buildings.

Swim in the Dead Sea

Enjoy a visit to the new Mehadrin separate beach at Ein Bokek. The beach has showers and dressing rooms as well as separate areas for men and women that are surrounded by a wall for modesty.

Dead Sea Tour info:

• Time: 8:45am to 6pm.

• Fee: $110 (price based on group minimum, & include all entrance fees, when there are 17 participants)

• What to bring: Hat, bathing suit, towel, water shoes, sunblock, packed lunch, and plenty of water

Online booking is available below, or you can call the office in Israel on 718-701-3690 or 02-587-1718 to book  (if it is less than 15 hours before the tour: 0522-40-90-30).


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