Negev Tour

The rocky Negev desert covers more than half of Israel. Experience the Negev with its dusty mountains and deep craters. Although it is a desert, the Negev is teeming with unique plants and wildlife. On this Negev tour you will learn that the area is also home to a rich Jewish history. This is where Avraham lived and it later became home to the tribes of Judah and Shimon. Click here to contact us!

What you’ll do on our Negev Tour:

  • Drive through the lush Shfelah landscape towards Be’er Sheva – capital of the Negev and known as “Ir HaAvot” “City of the forefathers.”
  • Memorial with the Echo Chamber
  • Visit Sussia – a fascinating ancient Talmudic Village complete with a synagogue, homes, city walls and a secret escape route.
  • Descend into the Great Crater – see its unique geology, wildlife and multi-colored sands that have captured worldwide interest.
  • Optional for private tour, instead of Great Crater: Enjoy the fascinating Israeli Air Force Museum. With more than 140 aircraft and incredible exhibits of missile launchers, missiles and enemy aircraft captured by Israel.


Tour info:

Time: 8:45am to 7:15pm.

Fee: $110 (Price only includes the entrance fees if there are a minimum of 17 participants. If there are less than 10 participants the price will be adjusted accordingly)

What to Bring: A packed lunch, snacks, passports, hat and plenty of drinking water. A scraper to scrape the rocks for colored sand and a container or bags to collect the different colored sands.

Online booking is available below for the tour on 20 Feb, or you can call the office in Israel on 718-701-3690 or 02-587-1718 to book  (if it is less than 15 hours before the tour: 0522-40-90-30).


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