Galilee Golan Tour

Spectacular views and scenery are only the beginning of what the Galil and Golan Heights have to offer. Explore the land where R’ Yochanan ben Zakkai was born and R’ Shimon bar Yochai hid from the Romans. See incredible wonders of nature and connect with historic examples of holiness and bravery. Kivrei tzaddikim, ancient battle sites, modern day adventure and incredible nature reserves are sure to inspire! Our Golan, Galilee and Tzfat Tour is a must. Click here to contact us. This is available as a one or two day tour. The full two day tour is described in this page.

Day 1: Tzfat, Meiron and the Galilee

  • Breathtaking drive through the Judean Mountains.
  • Pass by the Jordan Valley War Memorial
  • Daven at the kever of Rabbi Akiva and at the kever of the Rambam in Teveria
  • Visit Amukah – the kever of Rabbi Yonosan ben Uziel. A famous prayer spot for unmarried people. It is said that one who davens there will find their spouse within a year.
  • A spectacular walking tour of Tzfat (Safed). Wind your way through ancient alleyways, visit beautiful synagogues and explore the artists’ colony.
  • Visit Safed Candles, the famous candle factory outlet that handcrafts candles in many unique colors and shapes including scenes from Tanach and Jewish history.
  • Pray at the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai in Meron.

Hotel accommodations and glatt mehadrin food arrangements.

Day 2 – The Golan Heights

  • Swim at the separate beach on the Kinneret. Summer only.
  • Visit Katzrin – a fascinating re-creation of a complete ancient Talmudic village. This open air museum is built on the standing ruins of the ancient farming village of Katzrin. Some of the buildings have been totally reconstructed and are complete with the types of furnishings, housewares and tools mentioned in the Talmud.
  • See the Golan Heights Museum – featuring elaborately carved lintels and columns recovered from ancient synagogues and a room dedicated to the story of the ancient town of Gamla. (Time permitting.)
  • See a waterfall. (Time permitting.)
  • Visit an inspirational battle site of the Six Day War and explore the Syrian bunkers that still remain or Har Bental – at 1,200 meters above sea level, this breathtaking lookout is one of Israel’s key strategic points. From here you can see deep into Syrian territory and also much of the Golan. One of the most epic tank battles in world history took place here during the Yom Kippur War. 160 Israeli tanks defeated 1,500 Syrian tanks!
  • Tour a mehadrin Chocolate Factory. Very popular site with people of all ages! (Additional entrance fee of $17 per person. Based on demand.)

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Galil-Tzfat & Golan Tour info:

One day options of either tour are also available.

Time: 8:45am on Day 1 until 9:30pm on Day 2

Fee: $185 for two day tour (not including hotel, dinner or lunch.)  (A minimum of 17 participants for this price and to include some entrance fees.)

You can call the office in Israel on 718-701-3690 or 02-587-1718 to book  (if it is less than 15 hours before the tour: 0522-40-90-30).

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