Weekly schedule for group tours, October – April

To receive a printable document of one of our seasonal tour schedules, please email tours@artzeinu.co.il, or to download them, please right click the following titles and “Save link as…”: 

Winter Schedule (between Succos and Pesach)

Summer Schedule (between Pesach and Succos)


Rosh Hanikra

9am – 8.30pm


Rosh Hanikra, Acco, Caesarea & more

Also March 4 & April 7

Bar Kochva Hideouts

9:30am – 6:00pm


Bar Kochva & Stalactite Caves, Radar Hill, Tel Azaika: Battle site of David & Golias


Adventure! Tanach! Nature!

9.30am-1.30pm / 2-6pm


Judean Hills/Desert

Private: 8hr: $495 / 4hr: $395

Optional: With mountain rappelling / camel riding (extra fees)


Hevron & Kever Rochel

9am – 1/1:45pm

$80 (8.5hr tour with Gush: $110)

Kever Rachel, HevronMe’aras Hamachpela, Avraham Avinu shul (Gush Etzion: video presentation)

Bullet proof bus

Negev & Sussia

8:45am – 7:15pm


Be’er Sheva, Crater with colored sand

Sussia ancient Talmudic village

Ir Dovid



Jerusalem from time of King David and Bayis Rishon, Warren’s Shaft,

Chizkiyahu’s water tunnel



8:45am – 6:00pm


Ein Gedi, Masada, Dead Sea (separate beach)

Also March 12


Adventure! Tanach! Nature!

9.30am-1.30pm / 2-6pm     $75

Judean Hills/Desert

Private: 8hr: $495 / 4hr: $395

Optional: With mountain rappelling / camel riding (extra fees)



9am – 9pm


Tsfat ancient alleyways, shuls, candle factory, Meron, Amuka, Tiveria

Also March 8 

Galil-Golan 2 day tour

Day 1: depart 8.15am Day 2: return 9:30pm

$185 (plus hotel and some entrance fees)

See info for Galil and Golan tours, plus Chocolate Factory (time permitting)


Footsteps of the Maccabees

9.30am – 6.00pm    $99

Radar Hill,
Tel Azaika
: Battle site of David & Golias.
Battle site of Maccabees,
Modi’in, Kever Shmuel Hanavi


8.45am – 8.45pm


Katzrin, Tanks, Syrian overlook & more


Kotel Tunnels

9am – 12.30pm approx


Kotel Tunnels, South Wall Excavations

Old City

Discounted 1 hour add-on

Old City highlights


Old City

2-3 hours


Extensive Old City tour

Any Day

Every Tuesday

Jerusalem Walking Tour

2-3 hours


Various options, including Old City, Neighborhoods, Museums, South Wall Excavations,  etc

Any Day



Tel Aviv, Yaffo & Bnei Brak

9:30am – 6:30pm


Tel Aviv: TA Development,

Sarona – quaint village B’nei Brak: city of G’dolim; Yaffo:underground city

Upon request only


Land of the Mishna

9am – 9pm


Lower Galil: Beit She’arim, Tzipori, Yehuda Hanasi

Upon request only