– Are all the tours suitable for anyone? 

All our tours can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Ir David has a very steep slope and is not recommended for people with a bad back. See below for the suitability of the Jeeps.

A lot of tours do include stairs at some sites, some can be avoided if necessary. Please check with us if that is an issue for you.

People who have claustrophobia or a fear of heights do not usually have issues with any of the tours if they know what to expect. We would not recommend Ir David for claustrophobia reasons, due to the narrow tunnel.

Tours that children particularly like are the more hands-on tours that include:

• Bar Kochva Hideouts: climb through caves, tanks from the 6 Day War.

• Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea: a hike at Ein Gedi, with the option to go into the water (fully clothed); cable cars at Ein Gedi, paddling or bathing at the separate beach of the Dead Sea.

• Ir David: going through the water in Chizkiyahu’s Water Tunnel.


– Are the tours a problem for Cohanim?

All our tours are Cohen-friendly. For the tours that include graves there is usually an option to stand outside, nearby, instead and daven there, or look at the stunning views.


– Are the tours wheelchair friendly?

The group tours usually have at least some of the sites accessible to people in wheelchairs but please call the office on 02-587-1718, or 1-718-701-3690 to discuss your exact specifications.


– Can babies join the tours?

Babies are welcome on any tours. For certain tours there may be a fee, dependent on the vehicle. Strollers are not allowed in the Kotel Tunnels, and are not practical in Ir David or at Ein Gedi. The Masada, Ein Gedi & Dead Sea tour during the summer is not recommended for babies due to the heat, unless you can be sure the baby will drink enough to remain well-hydrated.


– Who is a Jeep Excursion suitable for?

People of all ages love the Jeep Excursions! We would not recommend it for newborn babies, someone who is expecting, and someone with a bad back. Children under six years old need a booster seat (we might be able to provide one or two, dependent on availability) and babies under two years old will need a baby seat.


– Can I do a Jeep Excursion near the Dead Sea / Golan Heights / North?

We usually run Jeep Excursions for four hours, from Jerusalem into the Judean Desert or Hills, or in the vicinity of Gush Etzion. We have professional, religious, jeep drivers who know these areas very well and can show lots of interesting sites along the way. These locations have great options for additional activities, including; short camel rides for group jeeps in the Desert, and ATVs and Eretz Bereshit for private jeeps.