Ruth Zefat Hotel

High above the Upper Galilee vistas, on the peak of Mount Canaan, perches the city of Zefat, overlooking one of the greenest and prettiest areas in Israel every season of the year.

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Kibbutz Lavi Hotel

The Kibbutz Lavi Hotel began in 1962 as a group of houses in the kibbutz near Tiveria. Today the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel boasts 184 rooms, including suites, deluxe rooms, and garden rooms, as well as a lovely restaurant, a spacious lobby, and halls of various sizes equipped with audio-visual equipment.

Aerial view of Kinar Galil Hotel with the Kinneret

Kinar Galil Hotel

The Kinar Galil Hotel, situated amidst the breathtaking scenery of Lake Kinneret (where separate swimming is available) and the Jordan River, with its unique history, invites you to enjoy a marvelous holiday in a special atmosphere.

Nir Etzion Hotel, view to the Mediterranean Sea

Nir Etzion Hotel

One of the leading hotels in Israel in its level of kashrut, the Nir Etzion Hotel enables guests to meticulously maintain their standards when they visit the hotel.

Galei Sanz

An oceanfront vacation in a Chareidi, Kosher L’Mehadrin atmosphere exclusively at the Galei Sanz Hotel in Netanya.