Location: Ein Bokek

Description: Inspired by the desert’s hidden treasures, Prima Oasis invites you to experience the magic of the Dead Sea.
At Hotel Prima Oasis, Dead Sea, we deliver a vacation experience that extends beyond the obvious and reveals the Dead Sea’s healing powers, ancient sites, fresh water pools, waterfalls and nature reserves. Starting with our lobby and continuing with our endless selection of programs and our devoted staff, our 143-room Hotel will charm you.

We provide FREE Wi-Fi access throughout the Hotel. At Prima Oasis Dead Sea, we will inspire you to venture into the desert to discover its endless wonders.
You can wake up at sunrise and climb Masada, one of the Dead Sea’s most significant ancient sites. Then hike through scenic caves or simply take a desert jeep tour to secluded sweet water treasures, like Ein Gedi, tucked away between the desert rocks.

Kashrus: Rabbanut

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