Location: Artists Colony, Tzfat

High above the Upper Galilee vistas, on the peak of Mount Canaan, perches the city of Zefat, overlooking one of the greenest and prettiest areas in Israel every season of the year. A number of hotels in Zefat host vacationers seeking a relaxing break from life’s routines. But at the very heart of the old city of Zefat, one of the holiest spots with breathtaking views of the northern mountains, you’ll find Ruth Zefat Hotel, part of the Dan Hotel Chain, offering guests an outstanding hosting experience with a unique mingling of old and new in a remarkable structure.

The Zefat Ruth Hotel is on the site of an inn 800 years old, yet provides all the luxuries of a modern boutique hotel operating in the 21st century. Ruth Zefat Hotel is adjacent to the charming old city quarter with its picturesque cobbled lanes and interesting attractions. Zefat has something for everyone: synagogues centuries old, workshops and art galleries, local artisans, the ancient Crusader fortress, a cheese maker who uses traditional methods specializing in what is known as “Zefat cheese,” wineries whose products are enriched by the high elevation vineyards of the region, and many other tourist attractions.

Description: The range of rooms available in the Ruth Zefat Hotel lets guests choose which option suits their needs best. Rooms are luxurious, beautifully appointed and spacious. Some overlook the Galilean mountain peaks and Mount Meron in particular, always green. The hotel offers a half Olympic swimming pool facing the stunning views. Our hotel provides a wide range of local Galilean cuisine based on fresh produce from nearby farms and stores, together with a well established wine cellar. Enjoy parking and Wi-Fi, free to Ruth Zefat Hotel guests.

Kashrus: Rabbanut with some Mehadrin products

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