Location: 20 minutes from Haifa

The Nir Etzion hotel caters to the unique needs of the various religious and orthodox sectors. Its detachment from any urban center, and its location within a religious settlement, enable the vacationers, whether children or adults, to enjoy the peaceful and quiet environment.

Our year round strict kashrut (Rabbi Landa and the Orthodox Community) places the hotel as one of the leading hotels in Israel in its level of kashrut.
The hotel features:

  • A central Sabbath clock
  • Sabbath elevators
  • Candle lighting in the dining room
  • A synagogue at the hotel
  • Sabbath and holiday dinners in accordance with the Halacha.
  • A purification ritual bath in the settlement
  • Lectures and lessons
  • Basin for hand washing in most hotel rooms
  • Swimming pool with separate bathing hours
  • Elegant, spacious rooms
  • Connecting doors between rooms

Kashrus: Mehadrin

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