This special Lower-Galil Tour is available by request only.

Beit Shearim Tour
Beit Shearim

Known as the land of the Mishna, the Galilee is full of the history of the people and places spoken about in the Mishna. Follow the footsteps of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, head of the Sanhedrin and compiler of the Mishna! Visit Beit Shearim – his home town, and Tzippori – the town of his old age. Travel the valleys and mountains Rabbi Yehuda traveled and see the breathtaking views that were his surroundings.

Explore the Land of the Mishna

• Visit Beit She’arim, home of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi. See the amazing remains of the most extensive ancient Jewish cemetery in the world. Beit She’arim has more than 30 burial cave systems with catacombs, mausoleums, and sarcophagi complete with carvings, decorations and inscriptions.

• See the ruins of ancient Tzippori – where Rabbi Yehuda moved for health reasons for the last 17 years of his life. Walk Tzippori’s streets and visit it’s synagogues with mosaics known as the most beautiful mosaics in the middle east.

• Daven at the Kever of Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi.

• Return via the scenic Emek Yizrael Valley with an epic view of Mt. Tabor. Where Devorah HaNevia and Barak conquered the Canaanim 3,300 years ago.

Tour info:

Time: Date by request.
From 9:30am to 9:30pm.
Fee: Price will be determined based on number of participants in your group.
What to Bring: Good walking shoes, hat, packed lunch and snacks, and plenty of water.

You can call the office in Israel on 718-701-3690 or 02-587-1718 to book  (if it is less than 15 hours before the tour: 0522-40-90-30).

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